Healthy skin for Men

It is a common thinking that men don’t cares for their skin as the women do and many men also admits this fact but this is totally wrong. Either a man admits or not he is equally conscious about his looks and wants to get his style pampered from some beauty salon. The recent times are very lucky for men because nowadays a number of beauty treatments have been developed just for men and along with that the number of beauty salons for men is also increasing in every area of world. Many beauty experts have suggested some easy beauty care tips for men and here in this article I’ll tell you some among them in order to get the perfectly enhanced and charming looks.
First of all let’s have some tips for the facial skin care, because the facial appearance of a man is as important as a woman. Cleansing is the most basic and important activity for fresher skin so cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin on the daily basis.
If you have got oily skin then you should go for the soap free cleansers or face gels instead of using a moisturizer. In other cases you can use the moisturizer with clay properties.
Before going out into the sun always use a sun screen to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of sun.
In order to prevent your lips from getting chapped or cracked, make a habit to use a lip balm with SPF daily.
Take regular exercise because this habit helps in increasing oxygen supply to the tissues and thus keeping the skin looking young and healthy.
Now comes the hairs which carries the equal importance as your face, try to give proper attention towards your scalp. Use a mild shampoo followed by conditioners according to your hair type.
Wash your hairs almost three times a week and always before washing the hairs massage your scalp with some oil containing Vitamin E and then leave it off for few hours.
Some activities that can badly affect the structure of your hairs includes: towel drying, blow drying, hair straightening and using hot water for washing your hairs.
For perfect and beautiful nails, avoid the habit of nails biting and file the nails properly after some time.
Your feet also leaves a great impacts on your personality so keep your feet always clean and try to keep the area between toes clean and dry. If you are going to wear socks in the whole day then use some deodorizing foot spray or talcum powder to avoid the irritating odor.
Body massages on weekends are very soothing ones and they also improves the blood circulation and tone of your skin along with relaxing your body muscles.
The hairs on the ear lobes look very ugly so you have to get rid of those hairs by regular waxing on the ear lobes.
These were some of the tips for men that don’t takes too much time but gives you the perfectly smart and dashing looks.

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