How to Avoid Acne

I am fed up with my face’s pimples’ this is a statement that is used by 90% percent of adolescents and the reason behind it is same for all ‘Acne’.
Common Acne is the problem that is associated with pimples and dark spots on face and teenagers are one of the main victims of this problem.
Acne problems are mostly caused because of the daily dust particles that are present in the atmosphere and if this dust is not removed from the pores of skin then it becomes pimples. In this article some suggestions have been provided for those people who want to avoid the acne problems.
Squeezing the pimples is the biggest mistake which most of people perform; squeezing or messing with your skin can lead to infections that drastically make the acne more situations worse.
Drink lot of water in your daily routine because it helps in removing the dirt that become Clogged in your skin and the water also makes the skin so soft that the dirt automatically gets escaped from the skin.
Exercise is another good way to avoid acne because according to some experts during the exercise the brain produces such chemicals that are needed by the body and on the other hand also removes the bacteria that are harmful for health.
Change your pillowcase on the weekly basis because the dirt and bacteria, plus the oils on the pillow case can become a major source of acne problems of skin.
Don’t touch your face frequently because the oils and dirt of your hands can become of source of acne of your skin and if you have pimples on the face even then don’t touch the pimples because it will increase their bad affects.
If you are spending long periods of day in sun then try to carry some authenticated sun block because it will help keep you protect from the ultra-violet rays of sun that are the major contributors of acne.
Stress not only affects the functioning of your brain but it is also associated with the acne problems so for a clear healthy skin try to avoid as much as possible.
Makeup with oil is one of the biggest enemies of your skin because it can evoke the acne problems so such makeup should be avoided because it may give you a beauty for sometime but then will give you a big pimple that will be horribly bad.
These were some of the suggestions that are provided by the medical experts and following them may help you in getting your skin protected from the acne problems.

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