How to make going back to school less stressful

After quite a long summer vacation now its time go back to your school & the school season comes with some extra stress for moms. So here are a few pointers, which can give you some relief.
Organise a family meeting where you need to inform your kids about their changing schedules to match their school time, their homework schedules etc. A clear picture is always a good option to relieve the stress.
If your child is joining to a new school then they need some prior picture of it so that they can be comfortable in their new school. In such cases arrange for some pre school tour to give your kid a clear idea about their new school.
If your child is suffering from any such diseases or allergies or under any strict medication, then you need to inform the school nurse about the condition.
Your child need a clear idea about the bus stop, their seat etc. You can also fix a meeting with the bus driver to get some idea.
Make sure that you get a school calendar, where you will get a clear idea about holidays as well as parent-teacher meeting schedule etc. It will help you to arrange your routine according to the meeting hours.
You need to get clear idea about your kids likes & dislikes for packed lunch. Talk to them about the issue & get some clear knowledge.
Make sure that your kids have finished their homework-paperwork & then arrange them according to their routine.
After a long gap your child need some time to get used to their new schedule. You can arrange a pre practice season (as per school hour) to get used to it.
Arrange your kids school outfits properly. It should be clean & their age appropriate.
Get some clear idea about what they need in their new season & perfectly purchase every necessary thing before heading to school.

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