How to make your nails stronger and beautiful

Nails are responsible for enhancing the beauty of your hands, but sometimes we suffer from fragile ugly nails which in turn make our hands ugly looking, so try the following methods to maintain the healthy nails.
Combination of lemon juice along with the olive oil has been found to be very effective for the nails. On the water bath heat the olive oil & pour a few drops of water in it. Massage the mixture on the nail beds & leave it overnight. You can also wear a cotton gloves for protection from the mess.
In half litre hot water pour the 1 ½ tbsp of sea salt & allow it to melt completely. Keep your fingers in the water for almost 20-30 minutes. Remove your hands & let it dry. Now massage some cream on your hands, focusing on the nails. If you continue this for almost 10-12 days regularly it will give you some effective results.
Create a mixture of  a few drops of lemon juice along with the warm vegetable oil, vitamin A solution (a few drops of) & iodine (3 drops) and apply it on your nails, it will make your fragile nails stronger.
Take a glass of boiling water & dissolve gelatine (half tbsp) in it. Allow it to cool completely & then place your hand into the mixture for almost 15 minutes.
Massage vitamin A or E on your nails can give you some effective results.
Prepare a mixture of lemon juice (1 tbsp), rose water (3 tbsp) & glycerine (1 tsp). It will help you to maintain the natural nail colour.
Make a paste of 1 tsp fat hand cream along with 10 drops of warm water & red pepper (1/2 tsp). For almost 10-12 minutes leave the paste on a water bath & then rub it on the nail beds. Leave the mask on the nails for almost 20 minute & then wash you hands.
You can also use the sour grape juice for your nail care.
Take 2 tbsp of olive oil along with the same amount of honey & heat the mixture on a water bath. Then take it off from the heat & pour a beaten egg in the mixture. Keep you hand in the mixture for almost 15-20 minutes & then clean your hand.
Applying normal iodine before going to bed can give your some useful ultimate results. Firstly nails turn yellow then overnight the nails will regain its normal colour.

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