Importance of a Proper Morning Routine

Your morning routine is very important to start the day in the right manner which makes it easier for the rest of the day.
Having a great day depends upon the morning routine design. In order to remove the morning drag people should follow some simple tips on nutrition, fitness, & wellness.
Fitness expert, Mitzi Dulan comes up with five simple yet effective tips that need to be followed to help for a good start of a day.
Organise Your Next Day
The foremost step one should do is to plan in advance the schedule for the next day. Before going to sleep we can write the things which we want to do the next day. By this we become more efficient and our mind is clear what we need to do the next day and work accordingly.
Pumping Your Blood with Workout
The second thing you need to do is start your day with a work out for 10 minutes or so. It can be a simple workout in order to move your body which is sufficient to get your blood pumping and help in the flow of oxygen throughout your body. With time when people  become old they wake up with pains, aches and fatigues which really spoils their day. In these mornings they can have Bayer AM which gives extra strength & is a pain reliever. It also helps you to overcome morning aces, pains & fatigue.
Eat Breakfast
One should not skip their breakfast even though they may be very busy. All the people should take out time and eat healthy breakfast everyday. It should include adequate amount of protein in it.
Start your day with a big glass of water which is strongly recommended as this will replenish your body and help you in performing your activities through the day.
Prepare To Sleep
Mitzi is also of the opinion that in order to have a right kind of sleep one should turnoff all electronic equipments including your cell phone and relax their body and mind. One can always choose to read books & listen to soft music before going off to sleep this would help your mind to relax and have a sound sleep.
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