Shampoo, Balm and Mask, Three Basic Care of Your Hair

The application of specific products in the care of your hair is essential to keep it strong, smooth, shiny and full of life. Specifically, shampoo, balsam softener / repairer and masks, are the basics that should never need to miss your beautiful hair. They correctly are vital to ensure that the active ingredients of the product penetrate the hair fibers and hair is light, strong and healthy.
Implementation of “shampoo”
Once wet the hair with water; pour a small amount on the palms, and undiluted (to avoid lowering the concentration of active ingredients of it) is distributed throughout the hair. Then be carried throughout the massage head with the palms of the hands to extend the finish product. Then, using your fingertips rub the scalp is gently exerting a slight pressure to boost circulation; massage the neck will slowly climb up to the front.
Finally just to clarify is the hair thoroughly with warm water.
Application of the “balm”
After washing and drying the hair gently with a towel, the balm is distributed using a wooden comb (the hair to prevent loading of electricity) with long spikes and well separated. If the hair shows the very dry or open, it will be desirable to apply a little more massaging balm on those areas with good hands to facilitate the penetration of active ingredients. Allow 3 to 5 minutes and clear with plenty of warm water, making the last few seconds of rinsing with cold water to get a hair brighter.
Implementation of the “mask”
The mask will be used from time to time according to the needs and current state of the hair. It is applied to the hair after washing them and drying lightly with a towel to practice massage with your fingers from root to tip. It is left to act after a few minutes and then rinse with plenty of warm water until the last seconds of rinsing with cold water.To increase the effectiveness of the mask, and especially when the hair is very hurt and devitalized recommend after you apply the mask, wrap the head with a hot towel or cloth and then clarified as described.

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